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Fenuflakes®Debittered defatted flakes of fenugreek seeds high fiber ultra-low-carbs, plant-based protein can be mixed in your daily meals enriching the nutrients value.

Fiber is an essential part of our daily meals but due to the modern eating habits we consume less and less of fiber which leads to many disorders particularly obesity. Fiber helps you combat unhealthy cravings and gives you satiety. Fenuflakes® being very high in fiber helps you complete your daily fiber intake.
Eat 30 g per day.
Simple! Just add 1 scoop (10g) of Fenuflakes® to any dish you are preparing or have already made. For more recipes & creative ways to use Fenuflakes® in your meal visit our recipe page.
Fenuflakes® can be consumed by everyone.
No, Fenuflakes® are flakes derived from fenugreek (methi) seeds. Using our proprietary process, we convert methi seeds into Fenuflakes®.
No. The modern diet consists of very less to no fiber. So, if Fenuflakes® is consumed in very large quantity it can lead to constipation. It is advisable to slowly increase your fiber consumption, so that your body adjust according to the change in diet.
Oats/Millets/Quinoa cannot be consumed raw. They must be cooked. On the other hand, is ready on the go food. You can consume it in raw or add it in any cooked dishes. Also, Fenuflakes® does not have any taste of its own. So, you can add it in any dish you want, and it will still taste the same.
No problem. If you still have any questions which are unanswered, please write to info@fenuflakes.com and we will have our associates answer your questions personally.
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