Ways to Use Fenuflakes: How to Cook with Fenuflakes

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Ways to Use Fenuflakes :
How to Cook with Fenuflakes

What is Fenuflakes?

We’re well aware of the benefits of fenugreek seeds– after all, it’s part of our mantra. Fenugreek seeds contain protein and fiber as the staple macronutrient, which plays an important role in helping our bodies grow, develop and repair. 

Often, when it comes to adding more nutrients, reaching for some meat may seem like the obvious decision. However, plant-based food ingredients are a terrific alternative because they offer a wide range of nutrients and are sustainable too.

Fenuflakes is a prime example of this. Fenuflakes is a defatted flake made up of fenugreek seeds, a naturally good source of protein and fiber. Additionally, Fenuflakes are extremely low in carbohydrates and allergen-free, which improves the nutritional content of your diet without causing any negative effects. Due to its high fiber and protein content, Fenuflakes help people feel full for a long time.

How does Fenuflakes taste?

It stands to reason that when we think of fenugreek seeds, the bitter taste first comes to our mind. And this turned out to be the major drawback, limiting the usage of fenugreek in spite of its enormous nutritional benefits. 

Are you wondering, what is the taste of Fenuflakes? Surprisingly, we are no longer affected by the major setback of fenugreek seeds because Fenuflakes are made with a neutral taste. You can combine Fenuflakes with your food without changing the flavour of the food. Additionally, Fenuflakes has no aftertaste, making it ideal for a low carb high protein diet.


How to use Fenuflakes?

Living in a culture obsessed with convenience, it’s hardly surprising that we choose easy and quick diet options. Fenuflakes is our saviour in this situation because whether you’re a parent with kids or a millennial with a busy schedule, you may frequently find yourself short on time when it comes to preparing healthy nutritious food recipes. With cutting-edge food ingredients like Fenuflakes, you don’t need to buy a tonne of additional ingredients or spend hours searching for high protein foods.
Just like our conventional fenugreek seeds, we can add Fenuflakes to all our recipes to enhance its nutritional value. You can sprinkle and mix Fenuflakes with all your breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner recipes. To retain the best quality food, you can stock up your kitchen shelf with Fenuflakes in an airtight container.

Fenuflakes recipe ideas

If you’re not feeling particularly inspired about looking for healthy recipes all day long, then worry not, because Fenuflakes covers all range of meals just for you! The range includes vegetarian foods like healthy dosa recipes and non-vegetarian foods too like healthy chicken recipes. All these healthy recipes contain plenty of protein, fiber and are low in carbs – and better still, they are incredibly delicious.
Not only this but you can add Fenuflakes to any food of your choice. Simply add 20g or a scoop of Fenuflakes to your prepared foods or cook them as usual. You can also experiment with some novel and intriguing recipes using Fenuflakes to make healthy nutritious food.
If you’re looking for some more inspiration on how to make tasty, healthy, high fiber meals, then check out our recipe page.

Best Fenuflakes substitutes

If you’re totally out of stock of Fenuflakes or your Fenuflakes has been sitting on the shelf for more than six months, we’ve got a few great substitutes for you.
Fenugreek seeds: Fenugreek seeds pairs well with strong spices like paprika, ground coriander and cumin. Fenugreek enhances tomato sauces and stews and goes well with braised vegetables like spinach and okra. Most commonly, ground roasted fenugreek seeds are combined with flour to produce bread or infused to make a coffee alternative.

Curry powder: Fenugreek seeds are pulverised and found in most curry powders. While adding curry powder will give your food an unique fenugreek flavour, the scent will be muted due to the other strong curry spice flavours. Hence, always opt for freshly prepared curry powder considering how quickly the fenugreek fragrance fades.

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