Obesity a function of diet

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Obesity - a Function of

When people talk about obesity, they always consider the obese as a preparator, but they are the victim, the true victims about whom nobody wants to talk.

Yes, Obese people are victim of a propaganda which is blatantly allowed to happen everyday around us and compels us to consume the same products.

The propaganda is so effective sometimes we consume this poison willingly with without even giving a thought to what it will do to our bodies.

But What is this propaganda?

One does no need to see beyond the marketing of soft drinks, high in sugar which is very harmful and major contributor to obesity.

But how come a soft drink affect so much???

Well, it all must do with how body processes the chemical known as sugar, sit tight as the journey will be long and involves jargons which we you may have never heard.

Sugar the basis of many food items in recent days, believe me sugar is involved in so many products the list can become another topic, and is classified as a high energy dense food. Dense is maybe an understatement because unlike other carbohydrates sugar is just Fructose + Glucose.

Now fructose and glucose are identical, i.e., they are isomers of each other, but the way body processes them is surely very different. Glucose is directly absorbed in the mouth and the enzyme ptyalin in the saliva started absorbing glucose, while fructose goes to the liver.

Anything metabolized by the liver is a toxin.

Why because that is its function, any foreign chemical that enters the body is brough to liver where it either is metabolised into yourself stuff e.g., excess glucose is stored as glycogen, or it converted into less harmful substance for the body to excrete.

The conversion of chemical less harmful substances is what really causes many disorders.

So how come fructose is the villain for obese people, it is because the final product of metabolism of fructose is fat.

So, remember the if somebody is obese it is
because the fructose consumption is so high all
the excess is converted into fat and thus the
vicious cycle of weight gain begins.

Sugar was very expensive in earlier days, getting sugar was a challenge as the process sugarcane must undergo is so tedious, only the rich could afford it. Hence the disease called madhumeha was also something only the rich had. The poor were malnourished, but then they had a super weapon which helped them to ward off their hunger, the macronutrient fibre.

Fibre made sure the secretion of hormone ghrelin (the hunger hormone) is reduced, which the tricks the brain into thinking the stomach is full, which the stomach is as the fibre expands due to water absorption but lack energy density.

On the other hand, fructose has no such effect on ghrelin and hence sometimes one soft drink is not enough.

So only stopping soft drinks’ is the answer, well yes but maybe not as well.

Confused, I will explain, soft drinks fall into the category of something dietitians will call high energy dense food, high is carbs, high in sugar and no protein, the perfect combination for disaster.

Long term exposure and consumption of High energy dense foods (HEDF for acronym) is the major cause of obesity.

Solution, Simple

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