CELEBRATING VEGAN DAY? Here are some facts that will help you decide your way to veganism.

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Here are some facts that will
help you decide
your way to veganism.

Most people still convict veganism as vegetarianism. While vegetarianism is the practice of not consuming any meat and avoiding eating any leftovers from animal slaughter, veganism, on the other hand, is the rigorous form of vegetarianism. Vegans share a plant-based diet in which they abstain from all animal products, including all meat, dairy, eggs, honey, cheese, etc. They also avoid materials derived from animals like leather, goods that have been tested on animals, and establishments that use animals for entertainment.

Have you ever wondered how the concept of veganism started and where it come from?

Although the phrase “flesh-avoidance” was primarily used in 1944 by the Vegan society, the idea dates back to ancient Indian and eastern mediterranean communities. World Vegan Day was established on November 1, 1994, by Louise Wallis, an animal rights activist and the then President of the Vegan Society, to mark the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Vegan Society and the term “vegan”. The main objective of marking the occasion was to create awareness about the benefits of a vegan diet and to promote animal sentiments in the world.

Considering going Vegan??

Fenuflakes, World Vegan Day

Veganism is becoming more popular and with good cause. A Plant based diet offers numerous health benefits, which are backed by experts. Consuming plant food products not only provides advantages for human health but also contributes to animal welfare and reduce environmental impact.

Recent trends on Veganism in India:

  • Every year on 1 November, numerous events organised by vegan union take place globally. Amongst others, Indian has the highest number of vegans in the world. The veganism buzz has not only driven the common people, but also many celebrities embrace the vegan lifestyle.
  • Tata Starbucks, coffee chain in India has agreed a deal with the vegan food company Imagine Meats, backed by Ritesh Deshmukh, to sell Vegan based food items in India.
  • Cambridge has seen its first Indian vegan restaurant which is named Namaste Village.
  • This Gandhi Jayanti, the Animal Rights activists in Raipur organized an awareness program promoting veganism and concerning animal sentiments.

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